Book #4 from the series: The Dog & Duck

Happily-Ever-After at the Dog & Duck

The Dog & Duck 4

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Life in Little Leyton is never quiet, and when handsome developer Max and his bride-to-be Ellie receive some sad news, he decides to whisk her away for a romantic break.

The time away gives Ellie a new perspective, and she's eager to get home to get on with planning their wedding. But a devastating incident at the pub she runs, the Dog & Duck, puts everything in jeopardy. And at their home, tensions are heightened when Ellie's future mother-in-law turns up with all her worldly belongings, much to Max's sister Katy’s despair.

With Max preoccupied with problems at work, Ellie's left literally holding the baby while dealing with a seemingly endless list of dramas. And as Christmas approaches, Ellie begins to wonder if she'll ever get her happily ever after...

Praise for this book

'The 'Dog and Duck' series has been an utter pleasure to read and to say that I'm sad to see it end, is putting things mildly. The adventures of Ellie and Max and all the inhabitants of Little Leyton are some of the most rounded and enjoyable I have come across in many a year.'
'I loved the 4 books in this series. Great characters, great setting and great story lines.'